Top-Notch Ideas For A Bachelorette Weekend

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Top-Notch Ideas For A Bachelorette WeekendIf you’ve been asked to be the Maid of Honor for your best friend, cousin, or sister, then you know that planning and organizing the bachelorette party falls to you. A hot place to get the last weekend as a single girl done today is in London? The activities are endless and even the married girls that are invited along will have fun too.

Not sure where to start? We have compiled a list here to get you started. Chances are, once you get to London, you’ll find more to do on your own.

Luxury Spas

The bachelorette weekend is usually the last weekend before the wedding. You, the bride and her court have been busy getting things ready for the big day. What could be a better way to spend this special weekend than at a luxury spa right here in London?

You can indulge in the pampering that is waiting for you, relaxing with aromatherapy, body wraps, and facials. Choose a stand-alone spa or visit one in many of the luxury hotels throughout London.

River Cruises

Maybe your bride would prefer to get away from the crowds of the city? A relaxing cruise on the River Thames is just the answer. While seeing a whole other view of the city, enjoy the iconic landmarks and absorb the rich history.

There are many different cruises to choose from, just do a little research on the internet. Choose one that offers a dining experience if sightseeing isn’t the bride’s thing. There are theme cruises, which can be fun for the bridal party to get into. Always pre-book the trip (a deposit will be required) so that you aren’t turned away when you arrive. If anyone in the group has a Travelcard, you can save as much as one-third on many fares.

Take An Afternoon Tea

Nothing is more “London” than having tea! Choose one of the many places in the city and enjoy an afternoon tea with finger sandwiches, scones, and dainty cakes. A popular spot today is The Ritz to The Savoy but there are a host of others and a little research on the internet will give you several to choose from. Once you’re done with your afternoon tea, take the afternoon shopping and then maybe grab a light dinner before heading back home.

Take A Cooking Class

 The Cookery School at Little Portland Street was founded on solid, straightforward teaching principles that provide a hands-on approach. Even if the bride is a great cook, the time together with her friends will a day to remember. The atmosphere is fun, you’ll learn new skills while using organic, top quality ingredients.

Take A Dance Class

After the wedding is the reception and most likely there will be dancing. It is commonly thought that it’s the men that don’t know how to dance, but you may be surprised how many women don’t!  A dance class will be a fun way to get everyone up on the latest moves and if anyone needs to shed a pound or two for their dress, this is one of the best exercises ever.

The Cecil Sharpe House, located in North London and they offer dance classes from Baroque, clog, Irish, and even Morris dancing. Or call and reserve a time at City Academy if the group where they offer Bollywood, flamenco as well as tap.

Dance Attic Studios is the place to go for belly dancing or salsa dance classes. They also offer hip-hop and jazz classes.  The Pineapple Dance Studios is known world-wide. They cater to students of all dance skill levels in ballet, contemporary, Latin, jazz, and tap.

 Take in a Musical or Shows

Some of the best musicals and popular shows are in London’s West End. Choose a heart-warming adaptation like The Lion King or an award-winning score like Les Misérables. There are many world-class performances to be seen. The hard part will be deciding which one is the best one for the night!

The Lion King will swoon you with music by Sir Elton John and the outstanding costumes and special effects will leave you speechless. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera is an epic play that tells the tale of a shadowy character that wants to make the star of the Paris Opera his protégé. The score is nothing less than mesmerizing. Or plan to see Les Misérables and see what 70 million other people in 44 countries have fell in love with.

Where To Stay

London has more than just museums, plays, and sights to see. Some of the world’s best hotels are here that will make your bachelorette weekend one to be remembered as well as enjoyed. Central London has some great bed and breakfasts as well as some top luxury hotels. The amount of accommodations is countless. Such as the Covent Garden. Surrounded by an array of attractions, restaurants, and shops. You’ll be right there at Leicester Square as well as Piccadilly Circus, and don’t forget to get some shopping in Seven Dials.

Horse Birthday Party

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Aside from engine-operated form of transportation, one of the things that are highest on the list of children’s fascinations is the pony and / or horse, as compared to any other animals.
Young children mostly are the ones who have the fondest dream of having a pony. If your child is one of them and your residence environment does not make it possible for you to become an owner of a horse or pony, do not fret too much of failing your child’s dearest wish. You can still accomplish part of this dream.
In addition, what can be a much better way but to having a part of your child’s dream come true than by having a horse birthday party theme.
Though you cannot grant your little horse-lover the joy of having his very own pony as a birthday wish, she will surely enjoy various horse-themed birthday parties along with her friends.

Ponies Ride Birthday Party – nowadays, many facilities that encourage horse-related sports offer lessons on horse riding as a part of birthday parties, which they could host at the same time. They can be consulted for the purpose of having a horse birthday party theme that will captivate your child’s interest, according to his or her age.
These facilities offer party packages that allow your child and his other horse-fanatic friends the fun of being in a ranch and ride the pony of their choice.

Carousel Party – there are malls, amusement parks and even zoos, which feature carousels that look like real horses. Since these realistic carousels are a big hit to horse-loving children. They also offer carousel horse birthday party packages.
If you have a strong desire to fulfill your child’s dearest wish, it is worth the trouble looking up these places and choose one that would most likely awe your child.
If you are unable to secure a birthday party package, you can just treat your child to an exclusive trip to the carousel. This will appeal greatly to your little horse – lover.

Petting Zoo Birthday Party – this can be another horse birthday party theme for your child. If you do not know yet, many companies spearhead mobile “petting zoos.” They do these by bringing the various animals and the party right into your place.
These petting zoos also include diminutive ponies, which will really bring a thrilling response from your little horse-lover.
However, if your area does not have these petting zoo companies, you can consult zoos offering packages for birthday parties. On the day of his birthday, bring your child along with some friends to tour the zoos and have exclusive encounters with their favorite animal, the horse.

Party featuring Kentucky Derby – this horse birthday party theme idea can be a thrilling experience for your little horse lover.
For games, your child and his friends could enjoy quite a number of horses – related games. Have them “Draw a horse blindfolded” or give them a treat to enjoy electronic racing games.
Your horse birthday party theme will also be great if you encourage your child and his friends to play dress up like little cowboys and girls. If you are having the party in your home or garden, set up a western scene.
Along with your horse birthday party theme, you can also bring great pleasure for your child to present them with birthday games that would encourage their horse-loving nature.
Here are some ideas of horse-related gifts to present for your youngster during his horse-themed birthday party.
– Certificate for horse riding lessons
– Room redecorations with a horse or western theme
– Wooden pony
– Other toys featuring horses or ponies.

How to Plan a Bachelorette Party in Ten Days

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So your friend who told you a million times that she doesn’t want a dirty hen party has suddenly decided – right before the wedding – that she wants to do something very lowkey.

Don’t fear! We canvassed our favorite Bachelorette experts for ten tips on planning a bachelorette party in ten days. Are you looking for the games to play at hen party? Read more here.


Tip #1: Start planning as soon as you finish reading this. No, seriously, we mean it. To pull this off in ten days you are going to need a work plan. You’re type-A. You know what we mean.

Tip #2: Pick a location you are familiar with. Those of you who have done this before know that under normal planning circumstances it can take 10 days (or more!) to pick a location. But time isn’t on your side so select a location you’ve been to before, and do so immediately! The benefit of throwing the party at a place you’ve been to is that you know exactly what to expect.

Tip #3: Get ready all of the social planning tools you need to create, coordinate, and celebrate. Invite your guests to join your party planning page and make our to-do list your new best friend. Our advice: It’s ok to be a little bossy when you only have ten days to plan.


Tip #4: Choose a really easy theme. Our go-to is always Kardashian (read: hot, fun, pretty mess). Every girl we know can pull that off.

Tip #5: Enforce a no gift policy. With only ten days to plan and procure the perfect outfit, your guests already have enough to stress about. Tell them their presence is the bride’s present (or whatever).


Tip #6: Keep it short. While we are normally in favor of elaborately planned parties that involve gimmicks and games from dawn to dusk, on such short notice a few hours of fun-filled booty shaking is perfectly acceptable.

Tip #7: Incorporate small personal touches to make it seem like you’ve been planning for ten weeks as opposed to ten days. Our faves? See if the bar you are going to can name a drink special after the bride. Take the time to carefully curate the perfect iPod mix. Dust off that rhyming dictionary and write her a poem that the party girls can read aloud. Best if written (and read) after a few drinks!


Tip #8: Use fun and simple communication tools to send your guests updates all at once. Buh-bye email chains. No time for you.

Tip #9: Make your party extra festive by overdoing it with party accessories. Translation? Buy everything fabulous on

Tip #10: Keep it real. We know you enjoy being an overachiever but you only have ten days to plan. Whatever you pull together will be absolutely perfect, trust us!

Tip #11: Soak up the gratitude: this bride owes you big time.

Bear Birthday Theme

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Birthday party themes are very popular nowadays. It seems that this option has made it easier for parents as well as planners since they would only consider ideas that evolve around the chosen theme. This would narrow down the concept for brainstorming and make it easier for them to come up with plans related to games, food, invitation, decoration, and other aspects of the party that are associated with a single theme. Now, if you are thinking of a nice theme, why not consider looking into bear birthday themes? You can come up with creative ideas that will make the party more enjoyable and memorable for both the celebrant and guests.

Teddy Bear Picnic Party

teddy bear picnic
This party is suitable for both boys and girls since teddy bears are the usual first toys that boys and girls have during their infancy and toddler years. You can do it indoors and outdoors. Now if you were thinking of holding it indoors, you would need to create an outdoor feel inside your house. Use pots and plants to create a garden like feel for the celebration. You can also cover a portion of the wall with paper then make it appear like a part of a forest or garden with trees, bees, and flowers painted. You can also use cutouts if this is want you want. If you intend to hold the party outdoors, the garden is the best spot to consider.
Days before the actual party, you can create teddy bear ears out of cardboard and wicker baskets adorned with ribbons that will carry the food for the guests. On the day of the party, give these ears to each arriving guests and paint their nose with black ink so they will look like bears. At the same time, serve the food using the baskets that will also serve as their loot bags when going home after the party.

Care Bears Party

Every child knows the Care Bears, those cute bears featured in a television show aiming to teach happiness, friendship, caring, and sharing. To create an atmosphere that would complement the theme, you need to create a rainbow in a part of the room where the party will take place. You can also use pillows and make them look like clouds. This preparation need not be expensive because you can make use of papers like crepe papers and other materials and crafts that you can find in a dollar store near your place. Activities for the party can be liven up with coloring pages that you can download from websites for free or you can buy affordable coloring books from your local bookstore. You can also cut big circles then ask the kids to draw their own favorite Care Bear character and this would be placed on their belly al throughout the party.

Conleas 1st Birthday (156)
In conclusion, no matter what bear birthday themes you came up with for your child’s birthday, there is always something that you can work with without having to spend big amount of money. With creativity and initiative you can prepare a party that your child and her guests would surely enjoy!

Garden Party

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We’ll help you throw an awesome garden party that will make your neighbors want to join!















Pool Party

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Nothing says “SUMMER” like a pool party with your closest friends.

Here’s some ideas on throwing an unforgettable pool party that everyone will talk about for days.












Girly Pink

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Wanna throw a super girly pink party for yourself, your sister, daughter or best friend?

Get inspired with these pink party ideas.











How to Hire a Male Stripper for your Bachelorette Party

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Is this the first time you are hiring a male stripper for a friend or party you are hosting? Are you considering a girls night out to a male revue (male strip club)? Or should you hire one to come to you for a more personal private show?

Ok, let’s look at a few options & tips to take into consideration before you make your big decision.


The Big Decision

First and foremost consider whether or not hiring a male exotic dancer is appropriate according to the bachelorettes standards. Usually, the maid of honor or a close friend of the bride-to-be does the bachelorette party planning, so she will be able to determine if the guest of honor will feel uncomfortable or not.
If there is any doubt at all, plan something else. Also, while planning bachelorette parties with male strippers, it is important to take into consideration the guests that are attending. The last thing you want as a bachelorette party planner if for the bride-to-be or any of the attendees to leave the party frustrated and upset.

Hiring the Male Stripper

Now that we passed step one and you have made the decision to hire a male stripper, start asking the bachelorette what her preferences are when it comes to her choices in men. Remember, this is one of her last chances to live out her fantasies!
The majority of male stripper agencies offer their bachelorette party destination male dancers to show up as a policeman, fireman, cowboy, etc. Also, check with the bachelorette if she has an ethnicity preference. This is a good time to incorporate a bachelorette party theme if you have not done so already. Request your bachelorette party stripper to show up dressed to match your party theme.


Now that you have ideas together for what type of male exotic dancers you want, it’s time to start your adult entertainment planning. Follow the steps below to ensure your bachelorette party runs smoothly.

1. Consult a male stripper service – Your best bet is to start at the stripper directory. This is especially important if you having an out of town bachelorette party. This will avoid hiring a non-reputable stripper company.
2. Hire a Reputable Service. Trust worthy companies will give you a list of at least a dozen or so available strippers for you to choose from. They will be able to send you to a website where you can view and select a male stripper of your choice based on your party date and their availability. Do not hire a company without a well maintained website. You want to be sure that the exotic dancer that you see online will be the one showing up to the party. If the service provider tries to force a specific dancer on you, this is a sign you need to look somewhere else.
3. Payment Terms – Steer clear of strippers who charge by the hour (this is one of the mistakes I made at my party). Highly regarded strippers should be paid a flat rate for their performance, this way there is no time keeping. The more tips he gets the longer he will stay! The normal going rate for male stripper is around 100.00 to 250.00. In most cases, you will be expected to pay a deposit of 50.00 or more. Don’t pay the entire fee before the show. Before giving the deposit, request for a written contract that way you won’t be out of your money if the stripper is late or in worse cases, doesn’t show up. The remaining funds will be paid at the party. These rates will differ depending on what part of the US you are in.

4. Cameras ?? – Be sure to ask if pictures can be taken. So don’t mind while others have a no picture policy. Some only ask that there be no face shots (to be sure their day job is not jeopardized by their dancing).
5. Preparation for the Dancer – This is the responsibility of the male strippers. They need to bring the music, routine, and the according outfit you previously requested. Be sure to mention that when interviewing your agency.
This last step ensures that you have hired the best possible bachelorette party stripper around. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sexy hunk!


Party Tips

• Before the party, make a quick stop by the bank to get a stack of $1.00 bills. Tell all of your guests to do the same or get enough where they can buy them from you.
• Make sure the stripper knows the guidelines & rules before the show starts. Point out the guests that do not want a dance so they are not uncomfortable. Don’t leave everything up to him, you need to be in control.
• Once the stripper arrives, point out the bachelorette. Remember, the bride-to-be is always the center of attention the entire night, what she says goes!
• Last but not least, party it up! Behave! No, not really, just kidding!


Going to Male Revues

Going for a girl’s night out? Try the local male revues. If you don’t plan on the whole night being centered on the male stripper, this is a great way to get a little dirty for an hour or so. Stop by and purchase a dance for the bachelorette (of course only after buying her a few shots). This will definitely get the night started with a bang!

Bachelorette Things to Do Before the Wedding Day

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Giving the Bachelorette Things To Do before her wedding day is a creative way to bond with the girls and the bride-to-be. The great thing about this is that the celebration of the bachelorette party does not only last for a night. This can be a week-long, do and dare game for the bride-to-be.


How it Works:

  • Her friends make up a list of fun, crazy and memorable things for the bachelorette to do before the deadline is up. Of course, the bride has to agree with the terms and the tasks that you include on the list. Here are some tips on how to make up the list so you can give the bachelorette things to do before her wedding day:

1. Think about the things that your bride-to-be friend wanted to do so much but didn’t have the time to do it. Although some of these may just be very simple, it will definitely mean a lot to the bride. She will really appreciate it that you are the kind of friend who listens and values even the little things.


2. Ask the bachelorette what small things in life she’d really love to do together with her girlfriends. Once she gets married, she may have lesser time to hang out with her friends and may not even have the luxury of getting to do the simplest things with them whenever she wants.


3. What are the bride’s fears? Let her conquer one of her fears that she’s been so scared to face. Let her realize that in entering a marriage you need to be headstrong in facing your fears so that overcoming problems and hardships will be easier to handle.


4. Take a drive down memory lane and suggest to the bachelorette things to do at a particular memorable place from the past. If you have a regular hang-out place during your high school days, or if you used to drive go-karts at the fair, and eat pizza at your favorite pizza parlor when you girls were young, then it’s about time you relive the past and get to do those things again. Have a little nostalgic moment with her as you recall the good ol’ days when you were young and carefree.


5. Have a last adventure together! Go and have a vacation at a place you’ve been wanting to go; or you can let her pick the place. It doesn’t have to be a far, and it doesn’t have to be luxurious either, it’s all up to your sense of adventure. You can go to Six Flags or go camping.
You can also stay at a cabin in the mountains or get a tan at the beach. As long as you go somewhere new and have some exploring on your own. And while you girls are there, you can always play truth or dare, or give the bachelorette things to do on an unfamiliar place. It’s the perfect spot for doing something crazy because nobody knows any of you.

girls vacation

The list of bachelorette things to do can go as far as your imagination can take you. The best part is that you girls get to bond and have fun for more than a night. You can have your laughs, share your secrets, and have the time of your lives.

And most of all, the bride-to-be will surely have something to look back on; that she had the craziest time with her girls and she got to do the things she never dreamt of doing.