1st Birthday Party

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When your baby came into this world and you became his proud parent, you felt that you would readily give up anything for this child and would do everything for him. And when his first birthday is fast approaching, it is but proper to prepare and give him the best of what a first birthday party should be. Choosing a first birthday party theme is an essential step (in fact, it is the very first step) that you should take to be able to create a memorable party for your child.
When on the lookout for a special 1st birthday party theme for your son or daughter, it is important to remember a few reminders:

1. Remember that this is a celebration with your family and friends. Although the baby might not be able to remember what happened on his very first birthday party when he grows older, he would be happy to see through photographs and videos that the party was studded with relatives and family friends. He would also appreciate the 1st birthday party theme as he sees them on photographs.


2. Make sure that the entire party perimeter is child-proofed. Avoid using tables that have sharp edges and make use of chairs that are made especially for kid guests.

3. The best place to hold a 1st birthday party would be at home. If that is not possible, at least any relative’s home would be good.

And since first birthdays are highly important, the theme should be carefully chosen. The most famous first birthday party themes include:

1. Winnie the Pooh first birthday party theme – all supplies come with Winnie the Pooh and friends graphics.

2. 1st Birthday Girl/Boy


3. Care Bear Girl/Boy 1st – the Care Bears are vintage characters when it comes to birthday parties. They are highly colorful and they come together with all the party stuff that is provided by the party supplier.

4. Cars and Trucks 1st birthday party theme – of course, most baby boys prefer to play with toy cars and trucks. What better to inspire them that these very toys that they prefer to play with! They would be able to see the 1st birthday cake and party supplies decorated with their favorite toy cars!

1st birthday theme

5. Cupcake 1st Birthday Party theme – cupcakes galore, with the invitations, décor, and giveaways printed with cupcakes.

6. First Wish Birthday Party theme – this is a very basic but fun theme that is very famous with moms and dads!

7. Western Party Theme – see your baby in cowboy hat and boots! And see his guests dress up in the same manner.


8. Sesame 1st Birthday Party theme – watch the Sesame Street characters come alive during your baby’s birthday party!

9. Baby Einstein 1st Birthday Party theme – this theme was developed when the DVD sold lots of copies. The colorful animals will invade the party (in a good way, that is!).

1st bday

10. Barney 1st Birthday Party theme – with this theme, everything turns purple, from the cake to the decors to the giveaways!

These are just some of the most famous 1st birthday party themes that are used by parents globally. Remember, thought that it is not just the famous cartoon characters that make the celebration unforgettable – it’s the presence of the baby’s loving parents and relatives which would make the celebration worthy of a lifetime of memory.