60th Birthday Gift Ideas

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Since 60th birthday is a very special day for someone, you need to exert extra effort on thinking what could possibly be the best gift to present to them on their momentous day. Worry no more, because we have here a wide collection of 60th birthday gift ideas. All you need to do is to choose which one fits best to your loved ones celebrating their birthday.


computer gift

This will surely be a great gift for your parents, grandparents, and friends celebrating their birthdays. It is best for those who want to maintain contact with families and friends who are living in a distance from them. Giving computer on birthday is a very generous gift because it will definitely be useful to them. If you do not want to buy a complete computer set, you could just give them an electronic book reader.


hat gift

Hats are also great birthday gifts, especially for fathers or grandfathers as they will need it when they become older. Since hats come in different colors, design, and styles, it is best to choose one that will fit most to the personality of the birthday celebrant. Accessories to keep up with his headgear are also a great additional gift together with hats.

Luxury Gift Basket

gift basket

Giving luxury gift basket is best for your mother or grandmother on their 60th birthday. This can be done by putting together her favorite items or gourmet goodies like lotions, scented soap, perfumes, bath salts, slippers, towels, and any other beauty and relaxation materials in one basket. You can also customize the luxury gift basket to make it more special.

Photo Calendars

photo calendar gift

You can personally create a design for the calendar cover using the favorite photos of the birthday celebrant while adding a text title to accompany it. You can also put different photos to every month of the calendar with a text caption underneath it. You can then add some personal touch to make it more personalized.


scrapbook gift

Making a scrapbook for the celebrant is another brilliant idea that you can use. You can arrange pictures to commemorate the life of the birthday person. You can make this gift more touching and memorable than most customized gift merchandise available by printing photographs of you and your loved one and paste it on a journal for compilation. You can also add some notes, personal messages, jokes, quotes, and sayings to enhance the personal touch of the scrapbook.


family trip

A vacation trip is a great gift for your loved ones celebrating their 60th birthday. Taking the celebrant to a destination that he has always shown interest is really another great idea. You can also take the birthday person to a vacation spot that he has previously visited and enjoyed. You can also bring other family members or special friends on the vacation trip to make it more memorable.

1960s Items

1960s items

Having a 1960 themed gift item is also a great gift for your loved ones. You can have a coffee table book on 1960s architecture, or choose from the wide collection of 1960s style furnishings. You can also give them classic film items of a television show from the 1960s, a vintage tie pin, or framed magazine covers from the 60s.

Gift Certificates


Purchasing some gift certificates for your loved ones and friends is another great 60th birthday gift ideas that you can use. Scheduling a traditional haircut with a barber for him or a gift certificate for a hair styling session for her and a gift certificate for dinner at a local romantic restaurant complete an elegant and festive evening together.