70th Birthday Party

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Well, let’s talk 70th birthday invitations. What better way for the big day than to send out invitations, right.

How about gold colors matched with black to make it outstanding? Or, what about an oriental feel, red would be a good choice to mix with gold for a real pacific feel. Purple is a great color and screams regal. The options are endless.

70th birthday present


At the very front of the invitation, put a catchy slogan that will entice and get a good reaction from the receiver, something similar to “Like Wine, I age and become Better,” or perhaps use something funny like “It took 70 years to look this good” and so on.

Basically, focus on the pros of being 70 years old. It doesn’t hurt to ask the celebrant what he or she would like written on his or her 70th birthday invitation either.

Elegance Is The Key


When you’re 70, and a woman, in particular, it’s nice to be looked at and still seen as a lady with such grace and elegance. Nothing beats the good trimmings of an invitation serving as a border with script fonts in the center saying “You are cordially invited…” or “Your Presence is greatly welcomed”…

Make it formal, but not too much so that it would require a black tie attire since not everyone enjoys formal outfits. Something that would make things look professional but at the same time casual. Perhaps a ribbon or bow at the upper corner would add a touch of elegance. Simply put, be creative about it.

Black Goes With Everything


Considering how black and white are opposites and actually make a good match, why not settle for a theme involving those colors? Perhaps a quick card game, something casino-like for instance, with catchy titles like “Ace Player at 70”. Perhaps have the invitation resembling a playing card, and add in a gimmick, like whoever has the Ace card is entitled to a prize or to make a toast to the celebrant.

Black and white photos may have a good ‘ol reminiscing feel to it, and I’d recommend putting as much photos as you can as the background – kind of like a collage, and then fade it a bit so that the text for the invitation details can stand out.

Make It Exiting


70th Birthday Party IdeasFor 70th birthday invitations, mixing and playing with an assortment of colors can be fun, and what better way than going for a psychedelic art theme?

I’m pretty sure given the many themes under it such as fantasy, kaleidoscope, surrealism, and even collages, that this would make a good invitation design for a 70th birthday bash. First thing to do is simply think of who the crowd will be and what they have in common in terms of taste. Once you’ve found out what it is, focus on it in order to attract them into going no matter what!

Think about how colors make you feel too before picking out the hues to add to the design. If you want something crazy and upbeat, balance out the cool and warm colors and make swirling designs. Fancy a little bit of adventure? Why not pick out colors you see on a painting with ships and the ocean? Go for a fantasy approach to explore your creativity while designing your 70th birthday invitation.