Bachelorette Things to Do Before the Wedding Day

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Giving the Bachelorette Things To Do before her wedding day is a creative way to bond with the girls and the bride-to-be. The great thing about this is that the celebration of the bachelorette party does not only last for a night. This can be a week-long, do and dare game for the bride-to-be.


How it Works:

  • Her friends make up a list of fun, crazy and memorable things for the bachelorette to do before the deadline is up. Of course, the bride has to agree with the terms and the tasks that you include on the list. Here are some tips on how to make up the list so you can give the bachelorette things to do before her wedding day:

1. Think about the things that your bride-to-be friend wanted to do so much but didn’t have the time to do it. Although some of these may just be very simple, it will definitely mean a lot to the bride. She will really appreciate it that you are the kind of friend who listens and values even the little things.


2. Ask the bachelorette what small things in life she’d really love to do together with her girlfriends. Once she gets married, she may have lesser time to hang out with her friends and may not even have the luxury of getting to do the simplest things with them whenever she wants.


3. What are the bride’s fears? Let her conquer one of her fears that she’s been so scared to face. Let her realize that in entering a marriage you need to be headstrong in facing your fears so that overcoming problems and hardships will be easier to handle.


4. Take a drive down memory lane and suggest to the bachelorette things to do at a particular memorable place from the past. If you have a regular hang-out place during your high school days, or if you used to drive go-karts at the fair, and eat pizza at your favorite pizza parlor when you girls were young, then it’s about time you relive the past and get to do those things again. Have a little nostalgic moment with her as you recall the good ol’ days when you were young and carefree.


5. Have a last adventure together! Go and have a vacation at a place you’ve been wanting to go; or you can let her pick the place. It doesn’t have to be a far, and it doesn’t have to be luxurious either, it’s all up to your sense of adventure. You can go to Six Flags or go camping.
You can also stay at a cabin in the mountains or get a tan at the beach. As long as you go somewhere new and have some exploring on your own. And while you girls are there, you can always play truth or dare, or give the bachelorette things to do on an unfamiliar place. It’s the perfect spot for doing something crazy because nobody knows any of you.

girls vacation

The list of bachelorette things to do can go as far as your imagination can take you. The best part is that you girls get to bond and have fun for more than a night. You can have your laughs, share your secrets, and have the time of your lives.

And most of all, the bride-to-be will surely have something to look back on; that she had the craziest time with her girls and she got to do the things she never dreamt of doing.