Circus Themed Party

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Of the different types of birthday parties, circus themed ones can be quite difficult to hold. There are so many aspects that need to be considered. Although it is difficult, it is not necessarily impossible. The idea is quite grandiose, but if your child’s happiness is what you are aiming for, then you should do just fine.

circus party
First of all, just because it’s a circus themed birthday party does not mean you have to hire an actual circus. Children have very active imaginations and you can make use of this to your advantage. There are a number of things you can do in order to give the impression of having a circus in the party.
What’s essential is that you hold the party in a wide area. You need a lot of room in order to accommodate the various elements which make up the circus themed birthday party. What elements do you need?
Well, you definitely need some sort of gymnastics and tumbling acts. Use your imagination regarding how to find such acts. You could hire professionals or you could also contact someone who does gymnastics to perform a few tumbles and a few flips for the entertainment of the kids.
You also need clowns. There is no doubt that clowns are essential in simulating a circus. You can hire some clowns for the circus themed birthday party by contacting people who offer different types of party services. Of course, you have to consider that some kids can be frightened of clowns. Because of this, make sure that the clowns you get are quite funny and will not upset the children.bithday clowns
A magic act is also necessary for a circus themed birthday party. Make sure that the magician you get specializes in flamboyant and colorful acts, not card tricks. You should not get an illusionist. Many illusionists are unable to entertain children. Actually, a lot of illusionists today only manage to scare children and you certainly don’t want that to happen.
Find someone who can turn handkerchiefs into doves and who can pull a rabbit out of a hat. This will truly delight the children and make them feel as if they really are in a circus. It’s all about showmanship.

What else does a circus have? That’s right: animals. Nope, you do not need to rent lions and tigers and bears for your circus themed birthday party. Remember, these are children and their imaginations are quite great. To them, a small dog that can perform awesome tricks can be as exciting as any lion.
There are two things that the animals can be in order to fit into the circus themed birthday party: smart or exotic. Smart animals are ones that can do tricks. Whether its is a bird that can play basketball or a dog that jumps through flaming hoops, having animals that can do a lot of different tricks can give your birthday party the circus atmosphere that it needs.

If you go with exotic, you also have a lot of different options. There are two types of animals, however, that are absolutely outstanding in giving a party the ambiance of a circus: monkeys and snakes. You can probably find a snake handler or someone with a pet chimp by looking at the yellow pages. Adding this element will surely make your circus themed birthday party a hit.