Disney “Tangled” Party

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How to Plan the Ultimate Disney “Tangled Birthday Party”

Your kid is a Disney Tangled fan. Well then why not have a Tangled Birthday Party for your child and her friends. We will give you the best Tangled Birthday Party Ideas ever. We hope you have great fun with your child and friends at the Tangled Birthday Party to remember!


Disney Tangled Birthday Party – 7 Tangled Birthday Party Ideas For Your Child’s Birthday Party

Consider these seven components when planning your child’s Tangled Birthday Party

What is a Tangled Birthday Party?

Birthday parties can be very interesting when you incorporate an exciting theme. If you want to make the birthday of your young girl special, then a “Tangled” themed birthday party would be a great idea. The story of Rapunzel has fascinated young minds for generations, and now with the latest Disney Tangled movie, every girl wishes to have a Tangled Birthday. So, why not grant your little princess her wish and make her special day even more enjoyable. Here is some Tangled birthday ideas that can help you set up an unforgettable party.

1) Tangled Birthday Cake


If you are planning to bake the cake, you can easily convert it into a fabulous Disney Tangled birthday cake. Although Tangled birthday cakes are available in a bakery, it is not difficult to create one of your own.

Here are some Tangled birthday cake ideas. The easiest way to go about this is to bake the cake of your choice, and then top it with any of the edible Tangled birthday cake toppers.

If you want to make the cake even more fascinating, you could top the cake with the readily available seven-piece figurine set of the popular movie characters.

Planning to serve cupcakes? Well, that is easy too, as there are Tangled ring cupcake toppers available as well.

2) Tangled Birthday Party Invitations


Invitations for your Tangled birthday party need to be special, as that would be the prelude to what the guests can expect. Here you have a choice of purchasing ready-made Disney Tangled invitations or create your own Tangled birthday card.

If you are creating your own, make sure you are not infringing on any copyrights or trademarks. One good idea for Tangled birthday cards would be to have a small square cut out on the front to represent the window, and stick a replica of Rapunzel’s braid trailing down. The braid could come into the inside fold as a bookmark as well.

Another simpler way is to download templates and take printouts of Disney Tangled birthday invitations on your home printer.

3) Tangled Birthday Supplies


Setting up a Tangled birthday party is not a complicated affair, and Tangled birthday party supplies will make your project much easier. Every type of Tangled birthday decorations is available in stores or online.

For the entrance, or above the cake table, you can hang an impressive Tangled birthday banner, and place Disney Tangled balloons around the house.

Do not forget the favorite party game, and hang a Disney Tangled piñata, which can provide a lot of entertainment.

To liven up the table, and other furniture in the room, you can choose from different Disney Tangled centerpieces.

For serving food and drinks use Tangled themed plates, cups, and napkins, or you could buy a kit of Disney Tangled party supplies that has everything, including a table cover.

We have some great Tangled birthday party favor ideas in this post for the crafty do it yourself-er and it gets the kids involved too!

4) Disney Tangled Costume


A Tangle themed birthday party would be incomplete without Disney Tangled costumes. The full Disney Tangled Rapunzel costume is available if you want to dress up your princess, or you could go for other types of Disney Tangled clothing.

For the hairdo, the Disney parks authentic Tangled Rapunzel wig would be the best choice. You can encourage the young guests, to come dressed in their favorite princess costumes, and this request is usually received with a lot of excitement as most young girls like to show off their costumes and dresses.

If you are planning something more informal there is, Disney Tangled T-shirt available, and you could even spring for a set of Disney Tangled pajamas for some of her friends who are staying over.

5) Disney Tangled Toys and Gifts


The Disney Tangled doll has become quite popular and could be an ideal party gift. There are a variety of Disney Tangled toys that are quite fascinating. There is the Disney Tangled Rapunzel Styling Head, which can provide hours of fun for young girls. This comes with a brush, four types of hair extensions, and a Pascal ring that can be adjusted.

You could also make her room special for her birthday by presenting her with a Disney Tangled bedding and matching pillowcases. A Disney Tangled bike, or a Huffy Disney Tangled Scooter Rapunzel, along with a Disney Tangled backpack are other great gift ideas. You could also purchase a Tangled Disney watch online.

For the guests, you could give away Disney Tangled figurines or the Disney Tangled Maximus horse.

6) Disney Tangled DVD


If you are looking for the ideal entertainment, why not screen the movie at the party. The Disney movie, “Tangled”, is ideal for all age groups and provides more than an hour of entertainment.

7) Tangled Birthday Party Activities and Games


The entertainment you provide will be the soul of the Tangle birthday party, and there are many great ways to make the party into a fun filled evening. If the party is going to last a long time, you could include activities like painting and crafts.

Set up drawing paper along the wall, so that all the guests can draw on it simultaneously to create a mural. Many kids love this and you will be surprised at their creativity.

Crafts can include, making the favorite character Pascal. You could download the template and make cutouts of the various pieces, which can be stuck together to make the chameleon come alive in 3D.

Tangled theme games can be a lot of fun as well, and you could present a Tangled figurine, book, or DVD to the winners. One of the games could be making the girls walk like a princess through a maze while balancing a book on their heads.


The Disney Tangled movie has provided an excellent theme for parties that is going to be popular for a very long time. Your Tangled birthday party can be quite memorable, if you carefully plan the whole event, choose the right decorations, and provide interesting entertainment. These tips will provide the basic road map, on which you can build ideas, and be even more creative. Putting together a fun filled Tangled birthday party is not at all difficult, and can be achieved within a reasonable budget.