Horse Birthday Party

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Aside from engine-operated form of transportation, one of the things that are highest on the list of children’s fascinations is the pony and / or horse, as compared to any other animals.
Young children mostly are the ones who have the fondest dream of having a pony. If your child is one of them and your residence environment does not make it possible for you to become an owner of a horse or pony, do not fret too much of failing your child’s dearest wish. You can still accomplish part of this dream.
In addition, what can be a much better way but to having a part of your child’s dream come true than by having a horse birthday party theme.
Though you cannot grant your little horse-lover the joy of having his very own pony as a birthday wish, she will surely enjoy various horse-themed birthday parties along with her friends.

Ponies Ride Birthday Party – nowadays, many facilities that encourage horse-related sports offer lessons on horse riding as a part of birthday parties, which they could host at the same time. They can be consulted for the purpose of having a horse birthday party theme that will captivate your child’s interest, according to his or her age.
These facilities offer party packages that allow your child and his other horse-fanatic friends the fun of being in a ranch and ride the pony of their choice.

Carousel Party – there are malls, amusement parks and even zoos, which feature carousels that look like real horses. Since these realistic carousels are a big hit to horse-loving children. They also offer carousel horse birthday party packages.
If you have a strong desire to fulfill your child’s dearest wish, it is worth the trouble looking up these places and choose one that would most likely awe your child.
If you are unable to secure a birthday party package, you can just treat your child to an exclusive trip to the carousel. This will appeal greatly to your little horse – lover.

Petting Zoo Birthday Party – this can be another horse birthday party theme for your child. If you do not know yet, many companies spearhead mobile “petting zoos.” They do these by bringing the various animals and the party right into your place.
These petting zoos also include diminutive ponies, which will really bring a thrilling response from your little horse-lover.
However, if your area does not have these petting zoo companies, you can consult zoos offering packages for birthday parties. On the day of his birthday, bring your child along with some friends to tour the zoos and have exclusive encounters with their favorite animal, the horse.

Party featuring Kentucky Derby – this horse birthday party theme idea can be a thrilling experience for your little horse lover.
For games, your child and his friends could enjoy quite a number of horses – related games. Have them “Draw a horse blindfolded” or give them a treat to enjoy electronic racing games.
Your horse birthday party theme will also be great if you encourage your child and his friends to play dress up like little cowboys and girls. If you are having the party in your home or garden, set up a western scene.
Along with your horse birthday party theme, you can also bring great pleasure for your child to present them with birthday games that would encourage their horse-loving nature.
Here are some ideas of horse-related gifts to present for your youngster during his horse-themed birthday party.
– Certificate for horse riding lessons
– Room redecorations with a horse or western theme
– Wooden pony
– Other toys featuring horses or ponies.