How to Hire a Male Stripper for your Bachelorette Party

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Is this the first time you are hiring a male stripper for a friend or party you are hosting? Are you considering a girls night out to a male revue (male strip club)? Or should you hire one to come to you for a more personal private show?

Ok, let’s look at a few options & tips to take into consideration before you make your big decision.


The Big Decision

First and foremost consider whether or not hiring a male exotic dancer is appropriate according to the bachelorettes standards. Usually, the maid of honor or a close friend of the bride-to-be does the bachelorette party planning, so she will be able to determine if the guest of honor will feel uncomfortable or not.
If there is any doubt at all, plan something else. Also, while planning bachelorette parties with male strippers, it is important to take into consideration the guests that are attending. The last thing you want as a bachelorette party planner if for the bride-to-be or any of the attendees to leave the party frustrated and upset.

Hiring the Male Stripper

Now that we passed step one and you have made the decision to hire a male stripper, start asking the bachelorette what her preferences are when it comes to her choices in men. Remember, this is one of her last chances to live out her fantasies!
The majority of male stripper agencies offer their bachelorette party destination male dancers to show up as a policeman, fireman, cowboy, etc. Also, check with the bachelorette if she has an ethnicity preference. This is a good time to incorporate a bachelorette party theme if you have not done so already. Request your bachelorette party stripper to show up dressed to match your party theme.


Now that you have ideas together for what type of male exotic dancers you want, it’s time to start your adult entertainment planning. Follow the steps below to ensure your bachelorette party runs smoothly.

1. Consult a male stripper service – Your best bet is to start at the stripper directory. This is especially important if you having an out of town bachelorette party. This will avoid hiring a non-reputable stripper company.
2. Hire a Reputable Service. Trust worthy companies will give you a list of at least a dozen or so available strippers for you to choose from. They will be able to send you to a website where you can view and select a male stripper of your choice based on your party date and their availability. Do not hire a company without a well maintained website. You want to be sure that the exotic dancer that you see online will be the one showing up to the party. If the service provider tries to force a specific dancer on you, this is a sign you need to look somewhere else.
3. Payment Terms – Steer clear of strippers who charge by the hour (this is one of the mistakes I made at my party). Highly regarded strippers should be paid a flat rate for their performance, this way there is no time keeping. The more tips he gets the longer he will stay! The normal going rate for male stripper is around 100.00 to 250.00. In most cases, you will be expected to pay a deposit of 50.00 or more. Don’t pay the entire fee before the show. Before giving the deposit, request for a written contract that way you won’t be out of your money if the stripper is late or in worse cases, doesn’t show up. The remaining funds will be paid at the party. These rates will differ depending on what part of the US you are in.

4. Cameras ?? – Be sure to ask if pictures can be taken. So don’t mind while others have a no picture policy. Some only ask that there be no face shots (to be sure their day job is not jeopardized by their dancing).
5. Preparation for the Dancer – This is the responsibility of the male strippers. They need to bring the music, routine, and the according outfit you previously requested. Be sure to mention that when interviewing your agency.
This last step ensures that you have hired the best possible bachelorette party stripper around. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sexy hunk!


Party Tips

• Before the party, make a quick stop by the bank to get a stack of $1.00 bills. Tell all of your guests to do the same or get enough where they can buy them from you.
• Make sure the stripper knows the guidelines & rules before the show starts. Point out the guests that do not want a dance so they are not uncomfortable. Don’t leave everything up to him, you need to be in control.
• Once the stripper arrives, point out the bachelorette. Remember, the bride-to-be is always the center of attention the entire night, what she says goes!
• Last but not least, party it up! Behave! No, not really, just kidding!


Going to Male Revues

Going for a girl’s night out? Try the local male revues. If you don’t plan on the whole night being centered on the male stripper, this is a great way to get a little dirty for an hour or so. Stop by and purchase a dance for the bachelorette (of course only after buying her a few shots). This will definitely get the night started with a bang!