How to Plan a Bachelorette Party in Ten Days

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So your friend who told you a million times that she doesn’t want a dirty hen party has suddenly decided – right before the wedding – that she wants to do something very lowkey.

Don’t fear! We canvassed our favorite Bachelorette experts for ten tips on planning a bachelorette party in ten days. Are you looking for the games to play at hen party? Read more here.


Tip #1: Start planning as soon as you finish reading this. No, seriously, we mean it. To pull this off in ten days you are going to need a work plan. You’re type-A. You know what we mean.

Tip #2: Pick a location you are familiar with. Those of you who have done this before know that under normal planning circumstances it can take 10 days (or more!) to pick a location. But time isn’t on your side so select a location you’ve been to before, and do so immediately! The benefit of throwing the party at a place you’ve been to is that you know exactly what to expect.

Tip #3: Get ready all of the social planning tools you need to create, coordinate, and celebrate. Invite your guests to join your party planning page and make our to-do list your new best friend. Our advice: It’s ok to be a little bossy when you only have ten days to plan.


Tip #4: Choose a really easy theme. Our go-to is always Kardashian (read: hot, fun, pretty mess). Every girl we know can pull that off.

Tip #5: Enforce a no gift policy. With only ten days to plan and procure the perfect outfit, your guests already have enough to stress about. Tell them their presence is the bride’s present (or whatever).


Tip #6: Keep it short. While we are normally in favor of elaborately planned parties that involve gimmicks and games from dawn to dusk, on such short notice a few hours of fun-filled booty shaking is perfectly acceptable.

Tip #7: Incorporate small personal touches to make it seem like you’ve been planning for ten weeks as opposed to ten days. Our faves? See if the bar you are going to can name a drink special after the bride. Take the time to carefully curate the perfect iPod mix. Dust off that rhyming dictionary and write her a poem that the party girls can read aloud. Best if written (and read) after a few drinks!


Tip #8: Use fun and simple communication tools to send your guests updates all at once. Buh-bye email chains. No time for you.

Tip #9: Make your party extra festive by overdoing it with party accessories. Translation? Buy everything fabulous on

Tip #10: Keep it real. We know you enjoy being an overachiever but you only have ten days to plan. Whatever you pull together will be absolutely perfect, trust us!

Tip #11: Soak up the gratitude: this bride owes you big time.