Bachelorette Party vs Bridal Shower

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Bachelorette Party vs Bridal Shower! If you were to choose which one would you rather have? Some young ladies don’t even know the difference between a bachelorette party and a bridal shower. In some cultures, the two are even synonymous !To clear all the confusion, let us lay out the definition of each:

A bridal shower is an event where the bride-to-be is “showered” by many gifts from friends, family, and relatives. This is a wholesome event that would often include some snacks or some form of eating, a little bit of games, and most importantly, the giving of gifts to the bride.


A bachelorette party is an even where the bride-to-be gets to bond with her friends for the last time. Most often, the bachelorette party would become a wild one. The reason behind this is that bachelorette parties signify that a woman is about to leave her single life, and that night becomes her last night of freedom. Bachelorette parties would just include very close friends, which may include sisters and cousins of the bride-to-be. It is a major taboo for older family members, relatives, and in-laws.


So if you have not made your decision of which one to have for either a bachelorette party vs. bridal shower, we have listed some of the advantages of each to help you decide Bachelorette Party vs Bridal Shower:

Bachelorette Party


  • You get to bond with your friends with no inhibitions
  • If you’re not into wild parties, bachelorette parties can be organized in a way for it to be clean and wholesome—just true girl-bonding time.
  • Bachelorette parties can make you reminisce about the good old’ days with the girls.
  • Bachelorette parties allow you to have the last taste of freedom for a single night
  • You will have good memories of the night- something money cannot buy!

Bridal Shower


  • The occasion is open to all your wedding guests, young or old.
  • Family, relatives, and in-laws are definitely invited to the shower
  • It is a guaranteed clean and wholesome event; it’s all good clean fun!
  • You get gifts!
  • You get to mingle and talk with your in-laws. You can get marriage advice from the older people around.
  • So in the mind-battling decision of bachelorette vs. bridal shower, it’s actually all up to you which one you would prefer. Most girls would surely prefer both! It is because the bridal shower is like family time. You get good clean fun, useful tips and advice, as well as gifts that can help your transition into your marriage.
  • On the other hand, the bachelorette party is time for your friends. You get to have some real fun with no limits. You can enjoy each other’s companies, doing crazy things at the same time. The balance of both is actually good.
  • So don’t get stuck between deciding on a bachelorette’s party vs bridal shower! As much as possible, it’s good to have both!

Bachelorette Party Invitations

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Risque Bachelorette Invitations


Why Risqué? It’s because these Risqué Bachelorette Party Invitations completes the wild and daring theme of your Bachelorette Party. Complete with envelopes, colorfully decorated naughty invitations, dashed with your creative imagination, these Risqué Bachelorette Party Invitations will definitely feel the pending excitement of your bachelorette party!

Sexy Leopard Party Invitations


Let the girls know that it’s about time to release their animal instincts and let their wild side out! These sexy and animalistic Leopard Print Bachelorette Party Invitations will definitely invite them to release their inner inhibitions and embrace the fierce and ferocious woman within them.

Final Thing Before The Ring Bachelorette Party Invitations


The perfect combination of cute and sexy! These Get Wild Bachelorette Party Invitations are perfect for those sweet but covertly wild and sensuous girls who wanna have some all-girl fun!
Final Fling Before The Ring Invitations

A chic and elegant party invitation that is perfect for those exclusive and fashionable bachelorette parties! It’s simple but stylish and posh design is ideal for the classy bachelorette.

Willy Invitations

sticky dickies-1-lrg

A Hilarious bachelorette invitation design that shows the fun and exhilarating night that awaits your guests! These funny invitations are sure to plant smiles and get laughs out of your guests!

Purple Pecker Bachelorette Invitations


An amusing invitation that gives the upcoming Girls-Night-Out announcement in a funny and comical way! This humorous party invitation will not only crack up your guest but will also let them know the complete details about the party.

Bachelorette Sexy Spinner Invitations


An invitation and a game at the same time! This Sexy Spinner Invitation has a dual purpose! Your friends will surely get pumped up knowing that your party will be filled with fun and games!

Lets Party Invitations


This wacky and goofy bachelorette party invitation is sure to get your friends laughing! Decorated with a smiling and dancing penis, this invitation is a playful and humorous way to invite your friends to your bachelorette party!

Bachelorette Party Invitation Verses

Coming up with naughty bachelorette party invitation wording can be a challenge. It is a good idea to know what type of bachelorette party you will be having. Try to incorporate ideas you have planned for the party into your bachelorette invitation wording, this builds up anticipation for the upcoming events.

Your Bachelorette invitation should also include a date, time and place the party will take place, as well as the cost each attendee will be responsible for. Your bachelorette party invitation ideas really set the tone for the entire party. For more ideas check out our sexy bachelorette sayings.


  • It’s a bachelorette party and your invited. So wear something hot to get the party ignited. There will be drinks and maybe a couple tears, martinis, Rum, Crown and beers. Though by the end of the night we’ll be ready to spew. We will try not to giggle as she says I Do.
  • He showed her a ring and her eyes started to twinkle. Let’s celebrate Brides Name last night being single.
  • The wedding is coming there’s so much to do. Let’s have a Pleasure party before she says I Do.
  • Brides Name getting married and this is our chance to leave the guys at home and go out and dance!


 Bachelorette Gift Ideas

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Finding great Bachelorette Gift Ideas is always kind of confusing. Not knowing whether your gift should be sentimental, funny or maybe even a little naughty!

Traditionally, bachelorette gifts were necessary household items that would help the bride and groom to set up their new home. Today, bachelorette gifts are more focused on things like, pampering or teasing the Bride-To-Be.

Let’s face it, if your gift can make her blush or cry some happy tears, you’ve probably found the perfect gift. No matter what Bachelorette Gift Idea you decide, choosing a gift for the brides party should be fun!




bachelorette gift


bachelorette party gift


bachelorette badgwe







60th Birthday Gift Ideas

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Since 60th birthday is a very special day for someone, you need to exert extra effort on thinking what could possibly be the best gift to present to them on their momentous day. Worry no more, because we have here a wide collection of 60th birthday gift ideas. All you need to do is to choose which one fits best to your loved ones celebrating their birthday.


computer gift

This will surely be a great gift for your parents, grandparents, and friends celebrating their birthdays. It is best for those who want to maintain contact with families and friends who are living in a distance from them. Giving computer on birthday is a very generous gift because it will definitely be useful to them. If you do not want to buy a complete computer set, you could just give them an electronic book reader.


hat gift

Hats are also great birthday gifts, especially for fathers or grandfathers as they will need it when they become older. Since hats come in different colors, design, and styles, it is best to choose one that will fit most to the personality of the birthday celebrant. Accessories to keep up with his headgear are also a great additional gift together with hats.

Luxury Gift Basket

gift basket

Giving luxury gift basket is best for your mother or grandmother on their 60th birthday. This can be done by putting together her favorite items or gourmet goodies like lotions, scented soap, perfumes, bath salts, slippers, towels, and any other beauty and relaxation materials in one basket. You can also customize the luxury gift basket to make it more special.

Photo Calendars

photo calendar gift

You can personally create a design for the calendar cover using the favorite photos of the birthday celebrant while adding a text title to accompany it. You can also put different photos to every month of the calendar with a text caption underneath it. You can then add some personal touch to make it more personalized.


scrapbook gift

Making a scrapbook for the celebrant is another brilliant idea that you can use. You can arrange pictures to commemorate the life of the birthday person. You can make this gift more touching and memorable than most customized gift merchandise available by printing photographs of you and your loved one and paste it on a journal for compilation. You can also add some notes, personal messages, jokes, quotes, and sayings to enhance the personal touch of the scrapbook.


family trip

A vacation trip is a great gift for your loved ones celebrating their 60th birthday. Taking the celebrant to a destination that he has always shown interest is really another great idea. You can also take the birthday person to a vacation spot that he has previously visited and enjoyed. You can also bring other family members or special friends on the vacation trip to make it more memorable.

1960s Items

1960s items

Having a 1960 themed gift item is also a great gift for your loved ones. You can have a coffee table book on 1960s architecture, or choose from the wide collection of 1960s style furnishings. You can also give them classic film items of a television show from the 1960s, a vintage tie pin, or framed magazine covers from the 60s.

Gift Certificates


Purchasing some gift certificates for your loved ones and friends is another great 60th birthday gift ideas that you can use. Scheduling a traditional haircut with a barber for him or a gift certificate for a hair styling session for her and a gift certificate for dinner at a local romantic restaurant complete an elegant and festive evening together.

Disney “Tangled” Party

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How to Plan the Ultimate Disney “Tangled Birthday Party”

Your kid is a Disney Tangled fan. Well then why not have a Tangled Birthday Party for your child and her friends. We will give you the best Tangled Birthday Party Ideas ever. We hope you have great fun with your child and friends at the Tangled Birthday Party to remember!


Disney Tangled Birthday Party – 7 Tangled Birthday Party Ideas For Your Child’s Birthday Party

Consider these seven components when planning your child’s Tangled Birthday Party

What is a Tangled Birthday Party?

Birthday parties can be very interesting when you incorporate an exciting theme. If you want to make the birthday of your young girl special, then a “Tangled” themed birthday party would be a great idea. The story of Rapunzel has fascinated young minds for generations, and now with the latest Disney Tangled movie, every girl wishes to have a Tangled Birthday. So, why not grant your little princess her wish and make her special day even more enjoyable. Here is some Tangled birthday ideas that can help you set up an unforgettable party.

1) Tangled Birthday Cake


If you are planning to bake the cake, you can easily convert it into a fabulous Disney Tangled birthday cake. Although Tangled birthday cakes are available in a bakery, it is not difficult to create one of your own.

Here are some Tangled birthday cake ideas. The easiest way to go about this is to bake the cake of your choice, and then top it with any of the edible Tangled birthday cake toppers.

If you want to make the cake even more fascinating, you could top the cake with the readily available seven-piece figurine set of the popular movie characters.

Planning to serve cupcakes? Well, that is easy too, as there are Tangled ring cupcake toppers available as well.

2) Tangled Birthday Party Invitations


Invitations for your Tangled birthday party need to be special, as that would be the prelude to what the guests can expect. Here you have a choice of purchasing ready-made Disney Tangled invitations or create your own Tangled birthday card.

If you are creating your own, make sure you are not infringing on any copyrights or trademarks. One good idea for Tangled birthday cards would be to have a small square cut out on the front to represent the window, and stick a replica of Rapunzel’s braid trailing down. The braid could come into the inside fold as a bookmark as well.

Another simpler way is to download templates and take printouts of Disney Tangled birthday invitations on your home printer.

3) Tangled Birthday Supplies


Setting up a Tangled birthday party is not a complicated affair, and Tangled birthday party supplies will make your project much easier. Every type of Tangled birthday decorations is available in stores or online.

For the entrance, or above the cake table, you can hang an impressive Tangled birthday banner, and place Disney Tangled balloons around the house.

Do not forget the favorite party game, and hang a Disney Tangled piñata, which can provide a lot of entertainment.

To liven up the table, and other furniture in the room, you can choose from different Disney Tangled centerpieces.

For serving food and drinks use Tangled themed plates, cups, and napkins, or you could buy a kit of Disney Tangled party supplies that has everything, including a table cover.

We have some great Tangled birthday party favor ideas in this post for the crafty do it yourself-er and it gets the kids involved too!

4) Disney Tangled Costume


A Tangle themed birthday party would be incomplete without Disney Tangled costumes. The full Disney Tangled Rapunzel costume is available if you want to dress up your princess, or you could go for other types of Disney Tangled clothing.

For the hairdo, the Disney parks authentic Tangled Rapunzel wig would be the best choice. You can encourage the young guests, to come dressed in their favorite princess costumes, and this request is usually received with a lot of excitement as most young girls like to show off their costumes and dresses.

If you are planning something more informal there is, Disney Tangled T-shirt available, and you could even spring for a set of Disney Tangled pajamas for some of her friends who are staying over.

5) Disney Tangled Toys and Gifts


The Disney Tangled doll has become quite popular and could be an ideal party gift. There are a variety of Disney Tangled toys that are quite fascinating. There is the Disney Tangled Rapunzel Styling Head, which can provide hours of fun for young girls. This comes with a brush, four types of hair extensions, and a Pascal ring that can be adjusted.

You could also make her room special for her birthday by presenting her with a Disney Tangled bedding and matching pillowcases. A Disney Tangled bike, or a Huffy Disney Tangled Scooter Rapunzel, along with a Disney Tangled backpack are other great gift ideas. You could also purchase a Tangled Disney watch online.

For the guests, you could give away Disney Tangled figurines or the Disney Tangled Maximus horse.

6) Disney Tangled DVD


If you are looking for the ideal entertainment, why not screen the movie at the party. The Disney movie, “Tangled”, is ideal for all age groups and provides more than an hour of entertainment.

7) Tangled Birthday Party Activities and Games


The entertainment you provide will be the soul of the Tangle birthday party, and there are many great ways to make the party into a fun filled evening. If the party is going to last a long time, you could include activities like painting and crafts.

Set up drawing paper along the wall, so that all the guests can draw on it simultaneously to create a mural. Many kids love this and you will be surprised at their creativity.

Crafts can include, making the favorite character Pascal. You could download the template and make cutouts of the various pieces, which can be stuck together to make the chameleon come alive in 3D.

Tangled theme games can be a lot of fun as well, and you could present a Tangled figurine, book, or DVD to the winners. One of the games could be making the girls walk like a princess through a maze while balancing a book on their heads.


The Disney Tangled movie has provided an excellent theme for parties that is going to be popular for a very long time. Your Tangled birthday party can be quite memorable, if you carefully plan the whole event, choose the right decorations, and provide interesting entertainment. These tips will provide the basic road map, on which you can build ideas, and be even more creative. Putting together a fun filled Tangled birthday party is not at all difficult, and can be achieved within a reasonable budget.

70th Birthday Party

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Well, let’s talk 70th birthday invitations. What better way for the big day than to send out invitations, right.

How about gold colors matched with black to make it outstanding? Or, what about an oriental feel, red would be a good choice to mix with gold for a real pacific feel. Purple is a great color and screams regal. The options are endless.

70th birthday present


At the very front of the invitation, put a catchy slogan that will entice and get a good reaction from the receiver, something similar to “Like Wine, I age and become Better,” or perhaps use something funny like “It took 70 years to look this good” and so on.

Basically, focus on the pros of being 70 years old. It doesn’t hurt to ask the celebrant what he or she would like written on his or her 70th birthday invitation either.

Elegance Is The Key


When you’re 70, and a woman, in particular, it’s nice to be looked at and still seen as a lady with such grace and elegance. Nothing beats the good trimmings of an invitation serving as a border with script fonts in the center saying “You are cordially invited…” or “Your Presence is greatly welcomed”…

Make it formal, but not too much so that it would require a black tie attire since not everyone enjoys formal outfits. Something that would make things look professional but at the same time casual. Perhaps a ribbon or bow at the upper corner would add a touch of elegance. Simply put, be creative about it.

Black Goes With Everything


Considering how black and white are opposites and actually make a good match, why not settle for a theme involving those colors? Perhaps a quick card game, something casino-like for instance, with catchy titles like “Ace Player at 70”. Perhaps have the invitation resembling a playing card, and add in a gimmick, like whoever has the Ace card is entitled to a prize or to make a toast to the celebrant.

Black and white photos may have a good ‘ol reminiscing feel to it, and I’d recommend putting as much photos as you can as the background – kind of like a collage, and then fade it a bit so that the text for the invitation details can stand out.

Make It Exiting


70th Birthday Party IdeasFor 70th birthday invitations, mixing and playing with an assortment of colors can be fun, and what better way than going for a psychedelic art theme?

I’m pretty sure given the many themes under it such as fantasy, kaleidoscope, surrealism, and even collages, that this would make a good invitation design for a 70th birthday bash. First thing to do is simply think of who the crowd will be and what they have in common in terms of taste. Once you’ve found out what it is, focus on it in order to attract them into going no matter what!

Think about how colors make you feel too before picking out the hues to add to the design. If you want something crazy and upbeat, balance out the cool and warm colors and make swirling designs. Fancy a little bit of adventure? Why not pick out colors you see on a painting with ships and the ocean? Go for a fantasy approach to explore your creativity while designing your 70th birthday invitation.

Circus Themed Party

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Of the different types of birthday parties, circus themed ones can be quite difficult to hold. There are so many aspects that need to be considered. Although it is difficult, it is not necessarily impossible. The idea is quite grandiose, but if your child’s happiness is what you are aiming for, then you should do just fine.

circus party
First of all, just because it’s a circus themed birthday party does not mean you have to hire an actual circus. Children have very active imaginations and you can make use of this to your advantage. There are a number of things you can do in order to give the impression of having a circus in the party.
What’s essential is that you hold the party in a wide area. You need a lot of room in order to accommodate the various elements which make up the circus themed birthday party. What elements do you need?
Well, you definitely need some sort of gymnastics and tumbling acts. Use your imagination regarding how to find such acts. You could hire professionals or you could also contact someone who does gymnastics to perform a few tumbles and a few flips for the entertainment of the kids.
You also need clowns. There is no doubt that clowns are essential in simulating a circus. You can hire some clowns for the circus themed birthday party by contacting people who offer different types of party services. Of course, you have to consider that some kids can be frightened of clowns. Because of this, make sure that the clowns you get are quite funny and will not upset the children.bithday clowns
A magic act is also necessary for a circus themed birthday party. Make sure that the magician you get specializes in flamboyant and colorful acts, not card tricks. You should not get an illusionist. Many illusionists are unable to entertain children. Actually, a lot of illusionists today only manage to scare children and you certainly don’t want that to happen.
Find someone who can turn handkerchiefs into doves and who can pull a rabbit out of a hat. This will truly delight the children and make them feel as if they really are in a circus. It’s all about showmanship.

What else does a circus have? That’s right: animals. Nope, you do not need to rent lions and tigers and bears for your circus themed birthday party. Remember, these are children and their imaginations are quite great. To them, a small dog that can perform awesome tricks can be as exciting as any lion.
There are two things that the animals can be in order to fit into the circus themed birthday party: smart or exotic. Smart animals are ones that can do tricks. Whether its is a bird that can play basketball or a dog that jumps through flaming hoops, having animals that can do a lot of different tricks can give your birthday party the circus atmosphere that it needs.

If you go with exotic, you also have a lot of different options. There are two types of animals, however, that are absolutely outstanding in giving a party the ambiance of a circus: monkeys and snakes. You can probably find a snake handler or someone with a pet chimp by looking at the yellow pages. Adding this element will surely make your circus themed birthday party a hit.

1st Birthday Party

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When your baby came into this world and you became his proud parent, you felt that you would readily give up anything for this child and would do everything for him. And when his first birthday is fast approaching, it is but proper to prepare and give him the best of what a first birthday party should be. Choosing a first birthday party theme is an essential step (in fact, it is the very first step) that you should take to be able to create a memorable party for your child.
When on the lookout for a special 1st birthday party theme for your son or daughter, it is important to remember a few reminders:

1. Remember that this is a celebration with your family and friends. Although the baby might not be able to remember what happened on his very first birthday party when he grows older, he would be happy to see through photographs and videos that the party was studded with relatives and family friends. He would also appreciate the 1st birthday party theme as he sees them on photographs.


2. Make sure that the entire party perimeter is child-proofed. Avoid using tables that have sharp edges and make use of chairs that are made especially for kid guests.

3. The best place to hold a 1st birthday party would be at home. If that is not possible, at least any relative’s home would be good.

And since first birthdays are highly important, the theme should be carefully chosen. The most famous first birthday party themes include:

1. Winnie the Pooh first birthday party theme – all supplies come with Winnie the Pooh and friends graphics.

2. 1st Birthday Girl/Boy


3. Care Bear Girl/Boy 1st – the Care Bears are vintage characters when it comes to birthday parties. They are highly colorful and they come together with all the party stuff that is provided by the party supplier.

4. Cars and Trucks 1st birthday party theme – of course, most baby boys prefer to play with toy cars and trucks. What better to inspire them that these very toys that they prefer to play with! They would be able to see the 1st birthday cake and party supplies decorated with their favorite toy cars!

1st birthday theme

5. Cupcake 1st Birthday Party theme – cupcakes galore, with the invitations, décor, and giveaways printed with cupcakes.

6. First Wish Birthday Party theme – this is a very basic but fun theme that is very famous with moms and dads!

7. Western Party Theme – see your baby in cowboy hat and boots! And see his guests dress up in the same manner.


8. Sesame 1st Birthday Party theme – watch the Sesame Street characters come alive during your baby’s birthday party!

9. Baby Einstein 1st Birthday Party theme – this theme was developed when the DVD sold lots of copies. The colorful animals will invade the party (in a good way, that is!).

1st bday

10. Barney 1st Birthday Party theme – with this theme, everything turns purple, from the cake to the decors to the giveaways!

These are just some of the most famous 1st birthday party themes that are used by parents globally. Remember, thought that it is not just the famous cartoon characters that make the celebration unforgettable – it’s the presence of the baby’s loving parents and relatives which would make the celebration worthy of a lifetime of memory.

Menu Planning

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Pre-Kinder Garden to Age 8:

kids food

Keep it simple! Young children are often too excited to sit down at a party table – never minding to eat. Boxed lunches are an excellent way to coax kids into calming down and eating. Foster their curiosity by preparing fun foods in “Surprise Packages”. You can use plastic sandbox piles, dump trucks, doll beds, Frisbees, or even gift-wrapped boxes or tote bags. (Keep your party’s theme in mind!) Not only are these containers fun — they’re functional, and make great party favors, too. What’s more, you can personalize each with markers, glitter, confetti, ribbon, stickers, and other decorative items found in the crafts section at most party stores.

Line each container with colorful tissue paper and pack with food, snacks, and other yummy treats. What to serve? First – check with parents as to any particular dietary requirements. After that, rely on the usual standbys: PB&J, tuna, and bite-sized bologna sandwiches. Use a cookie cutter and get creative! Finger foods, cheese and animal crackers, together with fruit/vegetable slices and bread sticks will all be gobbled up. Add in a few party napkins, plastic utensils, a novelty toy or a personalized rubber stamp set, and you’re done.

9 to 12-Year-Olds:


Adolescents love the sit-down meals where they can really connect with their friends. Food? You needn’t fuss, too much, since they’ll practically inhale anything you put before them. To keep them content, have a highly graphic, printed menu at each place setting. Your local party store can design an inexpensive one for you in minutes. Or use some of your leftover invitation stationery and create another computer-generated masterpiece.

Again, carry your theme over to mealtime. For example: If you’re doing a TV theme party, your menu could read: “Ren & Stimpy Franks”, “Pete & Pete’s Pitas”, “Homer Simpson’s Pizza”, “Rug Rats’ Tacos”, “Whimpy Hamburgers”. Get the idea? More favorite foods include tuna, macaroni and cheese, and chicken nuggets.

This age-group is very into sleepovers and some parents do “Breakfast” parties. In this case, cereals take a back seat to decorated pancakes and omelets. Try sprinkling French toast with powdered sugar that is applied through a novelty stencil. Or use a waffle iron and assist children in making their own Belgium Waffles. Outfit your “assembly line” with kid-friendly toppings such as strawberries, ice cream, chocolate syrup, walnuts, and dollops of whipped cream. Pure crowd pleasers!

kids menu

Tip: Make sure to have plenty of disposable party goods and serving ware on hand – tableware, plastic cups, table covers, and paper towels for quick clean-ups.