Where There Is Tobacco Doesn’t Mean There Is A Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes – the latest gadget and hype to help smokers stop smoking.  What exactly is an electronic cigarette? Well, they have been around longer than you may think, and have grown in popularity the past 10 years, but we’re going to tell you a little bit about them.

We are now into the fourth generation of electronic cigarettes and they are getting less and less complicated to use.  The first was rather large and cumbersome, so their popularity didn’t really take off. Today’s generation has what many refer to as the “mini” which is said to more realistic. They are 100mm long, the same as a traditional cigarette.

All The Taste With Less Danger

With electronic cigarettes, you get the tobacco taste, but you aren’t getting the harmful substances that traditional cigarettes have. In this manner, a smoker’s cravings are satisfied, getting that tobacco taste and even a hit of nicotine, but they won inhale all of the dangerous chemicals and toxins.

An electronic cigarette has an atomizer, a battery, and a chamber where the user can add various flavors of e-liquid along with various levels of nicotine.  Once the unit is charged, the user holds it just as they would a traditional cigarette and create a vapor that looks like smoke. The end of it even glows just as a traditional cigarette would.

The idea of the nicotine chamber is so the user can adjust the amount of nicotine they are taking in and slowly wing themselves off the habit-forming chemical. A nicotine cartridge lasts approximately the same length of time as fifteen to twenty traditional cigarettes.

This guide: e-cigreviews.org.uk/best-sub-ohm-vape-tanks explains more about atomizers and nicotine chambers.

Is This Another Smoke and Mirror Trick?

Opponents of electronic cigarettes aren’t 100% sold on electronic cigarettes being all that they claim to be. While there are a lot of chemicals and toxins not in them, like carcinogens and tar, there is still the opportunity to add nicotine to the e-liquid used with them.

Perhaps the electronic cigarette is a healthier option, but there are other benefits to them as well.  altogether it seems, though the benefits don’t end there. For the user, because they get 15 to 20 cigarette uses from one cartridge, it is a money saver for them.

In most public places that ban traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are legal, and the smokers that have switched over to, or use in conjunction with their traditional cigarettes, no longer have to stand outside in the cold, heat, or rain to smoke. Although “vaping” is being banned in many places. And because electronic cigarettes aren’t emitting those substances and toxins in the air, non-smokers aren’t being affected by second hand smoke.

Reflecting Over The Pros and Cons

So as one reflects over the pros and cons of electronic cigarettes, it is hard to not see that they are a healthier option for both smokers and non-smokers. They are cheaper, and they are more environmentally friendly than traditional cigarettes. Perhaps they have their downsides too, but for the biggest part of the controversy, if you have to smoke, perhaps going with the electronic version is the best way, for now.