Top-Notch Ideas For A Bachelorette Weekend

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Top-Notch Ideas For A Bachelorette WeekendIf you’ve been asked to be the Maid of Honor for your best friend, cousin, or sister, then you know that planning and organizing the bachelorette party falls to you. A hot place to get the last weekend as a single girl done today is in London? The activities are endless and even the married girls that are invited along will have fun too.

Not sure where to start? We have compiled a list here to get you started. Chances are, once you get to London, you’ll find more to do on your own.

Luxury Spas

The bachelorette weekend is usually the last weekend before the wedding. You, the bride and her court have been busy getting things ready for the big day. What could be a better way to spend this special weekend than at a luxury spa right here in London?

You can indulge in the pampering that is waiting for you, relaxing with aromatherapy, body wraps, and facials. Choose a stand-alone spa or visit one in many of the luxury hotels throughout London.

River Cruises

Maybe your bride would prefer to get away from the crowds of the city? A relaxing cruise on the River Thames is just the answer. While seeing a whole other view of the city, enjoy the iconic landmarks and absorb the rich history.

There are many different cruises to choose from, just do a little research on the internet. Choose one that offers a dining experience if sightseeing isn’t the bride’s thing. There are theme cruises, which can be fun for the bridal party to get into. Always pre-book the trip (a deposit will be required) so that you aren’t turned away when you arrive. If anyone in the group has a Travelcard, you can save as much as one-third on many fares.

Take An Afternoon Tea

Nothing is more “London” than having tea! Choose one of the many places in the city and enjoy an afternoon tea with finger sandwiches, scones, and dainty cakes. A popular spot today is The Ritz to The Savoy but there are a host of others and a little research on the internet will give you several to choose from. Once you’re done with your afternoon tea, take the afternoon shopping and then maybe grab a light dinner before heading back home.

Take A Cooking Class

 The Cookery School at Little Portland Street was founded on solid, straightforward teaching principles that provide a hands-on approach. Even if the bride is a great cook, the time together with her friends will a day to remember. The atmosphere is fun, you’ll learn new skills while using organic, top quality ingredients.

Take A Dance Class

After the wedding is the reception and most likely there will be dancing. It is commonly thought that it’s the men that don’t know how to dance, but you may be surprised how many women don’t!  A dance class will be a fun way to get everyone up on the latest moves and if anyone needs to shed a pound or two for their dress, this is one of the best exercises ever.

The Cecil Sharpe House, located in North London and they offer dance classes from Baroque, clog, Irish, and even Morris dancing. Or call and reserve a time at City Academy if the group where they offer Bollywood, flamenco as well as tap.

Dance Attic Studios is the place to go for belly dancing or salsa dance classes. They also offer hip-hop and jazz classes.  The Pineapple Dance Studios is known world-wide. They cater to students of all dance skill levels in ballet, contemporary, Latin, jazz, and tap.

 Take in a Musical or Shows

Some of the best musicals and popular shows are in London’s West End. Choose a heart-warming adaptation like The Lion King or an award-winning score like Les Misérables. There are many world-class performances to be seen. The hard part will be deciding which one is the best one for the night!

The Lion King will swoon you with music by Sir Elton John and the outstanding costumes and special effects will leave you speechless. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera is an epic play that tells the tale of a shadowy character that wants to make the star of the Paris Opera his protégé. The score is nothing less than mesmerizing. Or plan to see Les Misérables and see what 70 million other people in 44 countries have fell in love with.

Where To Stay

London has more than just museums, plays, and sights to see. Some of the world’s best hotels are here that will make your bachelorette weekend one to be remembered as well as enjoyed. Central London has some great bed and breakfasts as well as some top luxury hotels. The amount of accommodations is countless. Such as the Covent Garden. Surrounded by an array of attractions, restaurants, and shops. You’ll be right there at Leicester Square as well as Piccadilly Circus, and don’t forget to get some shopping in Seven Dials.